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The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 40 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in seeking top value settlements in these very important legal claims.

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San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Did a San Diego motorcycle accident leave you or someone you love seriously injured? A lawyer at Accident Lawyers can meet with you to talk about what you have experienced and what can be done to help resolve this matter. Our legal team offers assistance to injury victims throughout the entire San Diego area and the surrounding communities in Southern California. We will be happy to see how we can assist you.

To talk about your individual legal matter, call our offices at 1-800-358-9617. Your preliminary case evaluation is free and strictly confidential, and this will be your opportunity to see what can be done to seek justice and to recover damages for what you have experienced. With our help, you may be able to recover the money you need not only for medical bills and damage to your bike but also for lost wages, emotional trauma and any other issue that may be related to your San Diego motorcycle accident.

Our team has more than 40 years of collective legal experience to apply to your legal matter. With our experience in motorcycle accident claims in particular, we can help you by giving you the information you need to make the right choices about your case.

Why a Motorcycle Accident is Serious

Motorcycle accidents are among the most serious types of auto accidents because of the extent of injury that the motorcycle rider may sustain, even in an accident that is considered relatively minor or that occurs at a low speed. The smaller size and weight of a motorcycle and rider place them at greater risk of sustaining damage or injury in a collision. As an example, take a truck versus motorcycle accident. In a collision of this kind, the driver of the truck may sustain only minor injury or may be entirely uninjured. The motorcycle rider, however, having sustained the brunt of the impact, may suffer from debilitating injuries - even if he or she is wearing a safety helmet and proper protective gear.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries
The injuries that a rider sustains in a motorcycle accident will vary dramatically depending on the force of impact, the manner in which the collision occurs, whether the victim was wearing a helmet and protective gear at the time of the accident, and a number of other factors. For example, the rider may be pinned underneath the bike, may be directly hit by another vehicle or may be thrown clear. Some of the types of injuries that may be experienced in a San Diego motorcycle accident include head injuries, concussions, multiple road rash, spinal cord injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. A motorcyclist may lose his or her life if the injuries are too great. Click here to read more about motorcycle accident injuries.

No matter the type or extent of injury that you or a loved one may have experienced, you can count on our experience in this complex field as we fight to seek fair compensation on your behalf.

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Considering the dramatic and lasting impact that a San Diego motorcycle accident may have upon a victim and his or her family, it is important that you consider consulting an attorney to assist you with your insurance claim or lawsuit. With an experienced attorney's help, you will have the opportunity of recovering the full financial compensation that will allow you to pay your medical bills and work toward a secure future for you and your family.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 40 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in seeking top value settlements in these very important legal claims. An experienced San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at our firm can provide high quality legal representation in virtually any type of Motorcycle Accident.

Motorcycle vs. Bicycle Accidents

An accident between a motorcycle and a bicycle may be an uncommon occurrence, but it is a matter that is best addressed with competent legal help. A San Diego motorcycle accident attorney at our law firm can assist you if you, a friend or a family member has been injured in a motorcycle versus bicycle accident in the San Diego area.

Motorcycle vs. Bus Accidents

A motorcycle accident involving a bus may be extremely serious, causing extensive property damage and injury to any involved motorcyclist, bus passenger or driver. At Accident Lawyers, we represent victims of motorcycle versus bus accidents throughout the San Diego area in Southern California.

Motorcycle vs. Car Accidents

In a motorcycle versus car accident, the clear winner is often the car. A typical passenger car may weigh 2,000 pounds or more, depending on the make and model. When involved in an accident with a motorcycle, the smaller and lighter vehicle will typically sustain the brunt of damage and impact.

Motorcycle vs. Motorcycle Accidents

Representing a motorcycle versus motorcycle accident victim requires extensive legal knowledge and the proper resources to fully investigate the matter to determine exactly what caused the accident and who should be held accountable. At Accident Lawyers, we help motorcycle accident victims throughout San Diego and the surrounding areas in Southern California.

Motorcycle vs. Truck Accidents

A traffic accident between a motorcycle and a large truck will most often be catastrophic. The great disparity between the two vehicles in regard to their size and weight places the motorcycle and motorcycle rider at a distinct disadvantage in the event of a collision, increasing the risk of serious property damage and physical injury.

Motorcycle vs. Pedestrian Accidents

Any pedestrian accident may have the potential to cause catastrophic or even fatal injury. This applies to motorcycle versus pedestrian accidents, and either the rider of the motorcycle or the pedestrian may be at risk of injury in an accident of this kind. In these matters, you may wish to consult an attorney experienced with motorcycle accident claims in your area.

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